About Us


We are a group of individuals of a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Both single and married, we are brought together by our common interest in antique, classic and collector vehicles. Such vehicles range from cars and trucks, to buses, fire engines, and even farm equipment.

Many of our members own one or two collector vehicles. Several of our members have very large collections.  Our member vehicles range widely, from Modern Muscle . . .  to Model Ts. Collections include both Cars and Trucks, Domestic and Foreign.

Some of our members have no collector vehicles at all. Ownership of such a vehicle is not a prerequisite for membership!

From this diverse group of club members, every year we elect and appoint our management.  Such membership diversity makes for strong, effective leadership.

We are a well-established club. Our history goes back to 1955, when we received our National AACA Regional Charter.

New members who are just interested in learning about this fascinating hobby and enjoying the friendship of fellow enthusiasts are always welcome.

We hold monthly membership meetings in the Towson, Maryland area.

Our typical annual events are held throughout the regional area.

Come out to some of our monthly membership meetings, and to some of our upcoming annual events and get to know us. We’d love to meet you.

We are on Facebook also: