Our Management



With our club’s large membership, we are fortunate to have many members willing to volunteer their time and expertise to serve in our important management positions. Our current Officers are listed below.

The membership benefits greatly from their dedication and contribution.

Elected Officers

President: Paula Ruby   410-627-1642   paulaspackard@hotmail.com

Vice President: Mark Stershic    410-371-6540   markstershic@gmail.com

Secretary: Judy Dawson   410-812-2090    jdgibson1920@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Lyndie Vantine   410-259-0184   lynron1@earthlink.net

Activities Chairman: Tom Dawson   410-688-8358 tomdawson315@gmail.com

Technical Chairman: Phil Hack   410-292-3656   phack126@gmail.com

Membership Chairman: Vicky Wilmer   443-340-7703 wilmervicky@gmail.com

Chief Judge: Henry Chaudron Sr.  443-520-8541   henrypoly61@gmail.com

Director at Large #1: Tom Young   443-744-6338   tbirdtoms60@verizon.net

Director at Large #2: Gary Wilmer   443-340-7690   wilmervicky@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor: Rachelle Bodvin   717-515-1042   chesapeakeeditor@gmail.com

Webmaster: Harold “Buzz” Diehl   410-377-5265   hdiehl60@hotmail.com

Appointed Officers

Club Historian: Walter E. “Chip” Miller   443-681-0236   michellemiller209@hotmail.com

Legislative Liaison: Mike Natale   410-583-9171   mrnatale@verizon.net

Social Chairman: Judy Dawson   410-812-2090   jdgibson1920@gmail.com

Program Manager: Al Zimmermann   410-560-0237    zimmco1@comcast.net

Publicity Manager: Harold “Buzz” Diehl   410-377-5265   hdiehl60@hotmail.com

Sunshine: Margaret Werneth   410-668-3749   jfdesoto@aol.com